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My Books

Women in Philosophical Counseling:
The Anima of Thought in Action

Edited by Luisa de Paula and Peter B. Raabe.
With contributions from eighteen professional women counselors from twelve different countries, this book is the first to provide an overview of new-born philosophical practices from an entirely female perspective. It gives voice to women's thoughts and brings to the reader a living portrait of philosophy as a service to people and a training for those in search of a fully lived existence.

Philosophy's Role in Counseling and Psychotherapy
By Peter B. Raabe.
In Philosophy's Role in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Peter Raabe argues that philosophy is an effective method in treating mental illness. Calling for a paradigm shift away from the standard belief that the brain and mind are identical Raabe argues that so-called “mental illnesses” such as depression and schizophrenia are not the actual causes of psychological misery. Instead, they are just labels for symptoms.

Philosophical Counselling and the Unconscious
Edited by Peter B. Raabe
This book addresses the topic of the unconscious from three different perspectives: philosophy, clinical psychology, and personal mental health. It is therefore relevant to a variety of individuals, such as students and philosophers studying philosophy of psychology and philosophy of mind, and students and practitioners in the field of mental health for whom the formal definition and description.

Issues in Philosophical Counseling
by Peter B. Raabe
While my first book Philosophical Counseling: Theory and Practice dealt extensively with the theoretical underpinnings of the practice, the present volume focuses more on application. Some chapters were originally presented as papers at conferences of scholarly societies and associations whose doors were open to the general public, others were published in peer-reviewed professional journals, while still others were written specifically to be instructive to philosophical counselors in active practice.


Philosophical Counseling: Theory and Practice
by Peter B. Raabe
Also available in Korean, Complex Chinese, Italian, and Japanese translations. The Korean National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has selected the translation of Peter Raabe’s book Philosophical Counseling: Theory and Practice as one of the outstanding books of 2011. The NAS allocates a maximum amount of 15,000,000 won (approx. $15,000 CDN) per book to purchase this book and distribute it to universities, public libraries, and research centres throughout the nation.

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